Structure Optimization and Separation of multi-phase desander

Pubdate: 2017-06-16 17:05:21
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In this paper, multiphase flow and phase separation theory are taken as a guide, drawing on the research methods and research results of the solid-liquid hydrocyclone and cyclone dust collector in theory and practical application, close connection with the physical properties of the output of oil and gas wells, and with the main practical problems for the current multi-phase desander, expected to do some exploratory research work in separation  performance and the structural improvements of the multi-phase desander used in oil field and eventually developed a new type of multiphase desander with practical use and energy-saving environmental protection.

        Experimental simulation device of gas-liquid-solid multiphase flow is an important part of experimental study on multiphase sand separator device, and the device plays a crucial role on the accuracy and validity of data. Combination of shortcomings and deficiencies of existing installations, on the basis of research in the literature, this paper developed a new type of gas-liquid-solid multiphase flow simulator experiment device. The device, in accordance with the technology principle of "firstly phase measuring, secondly the online hybrid", taking the use of the good reliability of compressor, single-phase pumps,single-phase measurement instrumentation and other conventional equipment, as well as the innovative design of the adherence of the sand and mixed mode, not only has a more accurate measturement of gas-liquid-solid three-phase flow, but also facilitate the control and regulation of adherence of each medium of gas-liquid-solid.

      In view of the fact that structural parameter, affecting the performance of multiphase Sand Separator important, is the cylinder diameter (D), while other structural parameters have the relatively little effect on it, this pilot study were divided into two parts, first selecting the form ofinitial structure to test in a wide range of operating parameters, and secondly selecting properties of a good range of operating parameters to take a pilot study of other structural combinations on the base ofthe first research work.

     The initial test is divided into two parts , changing the total flow of the entrance while the entrance gas-liquid ratio is fixed and changing the entrance gas-liquid ratio while the total flow of the entrance is fixed. Experimental Study shows that the total entrance flow and gas-liquid ratio obviously influence perfonnance indicators such as the total separation efficiency, dso, and pressure drop and so on, and the relation is rule ,of the above two kinds of parameters and performance indicators. Another,it was also found that the overall separation efficiency of multi-phase separator is lower under the lower flow rate and under the higher gas-liquid ratio the dso value is greater. So, multiphase Sand scparator should operate on the higher entrance flow and lower gas-liquid ratio.

      The second part of experimental research work is mainly targeted at the 12 kinds of structure within the optimized parameters to take screening experiment to arrive at the structure combination of excellent performance. Structural screening tests show tbat the fifth of 12 kinds of structure forms shows the most satisfactory in performance indicators such as the total separation efficiency, d50, and grade efficiency and so on In particular, the structure iS of obvious advantages relative to other structural in the separation efficiency of particles wiOun lOOum, while the separation efficiency ofthe particles above lOOum is over 90%.


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